Foamy: Every so often, and recently, increasingly so, I keep getting emails about how I'm too negative. Too negative? Where the fuck have you been for the last 10 years!? Recently, there's been a rash of "positive people" too ignorant to realize that shit is seriously fucked up! From random shootings to global economic collapse, from environmental disasters to corporate greed, it's pretty safe to say not everything is in a state of super happy fun time. But instead of actually dealing with reality, these people decide to shut things out, pop another pill, and ignore anything and everything that may conflict with their idealistic view of the world. And believe me, I understand the want of trying to maintain a positive attitude in a crappy time, and frankly, I try to do the same. In all honesty, my rants and bitching are not meant to be a pure form of negativity merely created to harsh your mellow. It's meant to point out inconsiderate, hypocritical, or stupid behavior in the hopes of making the general public more aware of their own personal actions, in turn, correct it for the better of humanity. Unlike the shiny happy people who decide to sit in the corner with their fingers in their ears, I choose to address things rather than ignore them. If more of you did the same, maybe we can actually make some sort of progress in making things a little better rather than just pretending that they are. If I'm too negative, you're too ignorant not to be! Also, I really hate having to remind everyone that this is just a cartoon. And the negativity here is supposed to be both enlightening, and somewhat entertaining. So stop emailing me about being "too negative!" Okay? If you don't like what I have to say, I'm sure there's some other cartoon with no substance and bright shiny colors that can entertain you. Try something featuring a purple dinosaur, or a show with the word "Gabba" in the title. You know, some kind of child-like program to pertain your already dull mind. I'm too negative... I'm too negative! Yeah, well, you're too stupid! Okay!? God! I try to help people, and this is what I get! Too negative...

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