Leroy 'The Hatta' is a squirrel in the Neurotically Yours Universe. He is depicted as a "black" squirrel, and often appears to help provide commentary on racial topics. He met Foamy at the back of the Reddish Lobster restaurant, where Foamy found him in the dumpster. He sports a tattered top hat that earned him his name. He has various facial piercings and has a comb in his tail. He enjoys tea, "booty" videos, Tyler Perry, and rap music. He is considered a minor character on par with Begley. It is assumed but not known whether he is a member of the Foamy Card Cult. He shares many personality traits and opinions with Foamy, but is more arrogant compared to Foamy's megalomania

He is always quick to pull a race card in any situation when the chance comes. He has starred in two of his own rants.

Debut Edit

The Hatta'
157205507v6 225x225 Front

The Hatta

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