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Tech-Support III

"Ah, very much perhaps a stuck pixel..."

Episode 96

Foamy has a "stuck pixel". Mammed's solution? Uninstall the monitor drivers; you won't see any pixels at all.

Cast (in order of appearance): Mammed Udi, Foamy

Series: Tech-SupportTech-Support IITech-Support III


Notice The content of the following transcription is rated at a level equal or similar to PG-13.

Profanity, violence, and/or sexual content may be found at low to moderate levels.

{The Warning screen appears.}

{Mammed Udi sits in his office.}

Mammed Udi: Hello. Welcome to Smell Tech-Support. My name is Mammed Udi. How may I help you?

{The view cuts to Foamy, who points at his computer. The view cuts to each character has he speaks.}

Foamy: I've got a problem here. I'm having a problem with my screen. I've got this weird little dot that just won't go away! I'm pretty sure it's a stuck pixel. What do I do?

Mammed Udi: Ah, very much perhaps a stuck pixel, but we shall run some tests to make sure.

{Foamy blinks.}

Mammed Udi: Is it still there?

Foamy: Um... yeah.

Mammed Udi: I see. So the "ignore it and it will go away" method will not work here?

Foamy: What, are you kidding me?

Mammed Udi: Now we try something better.

Foamy: How about just trying?

Mammed Udi: What you do now is go to your system manager and find your monitor drivers. Can you do that, please? Yes?

Foamy: {types on his computer, mumbling to himself} Okay, I'm at the monitor driver doo-dad. What now?

Mammed Udi: Okay. Uninstall all monitor drivers.

Foamy: Um... if I uninstall all the monitor drivers, my monitor won't work.

Mammed Udi: Yes. But you will not see any stuck pixels afterwards.

Foamy: Of course I won't! I won't see anything, dammit!

Mammed Udi: See? Problem has been solved. Good day.

Foamy: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Wait a second. I've kind of gotten used to viewing web pages on my monitor, as opposed to... imagining what they look like while typing blindly!

Mammed Udi: Well, some people are greedy, I suppose. Please call back after you have tried these steps.

Foamy: Call back?

Mammed Udi: Yes. It is not fair to others to just help you and tie up all the lines.

Foamy: You've got to be kidding me!

Mammed Udi: Remember, Smell Tech-Support is here for you whenever you need us.

Foamy: I need you now!

Mammed Udi: {offscreen} Good day.

Foamy: Hello? Hello? {hangs up} That little outsourced son of a bitch hung up on me! What kind of world are we living in?! {groans in anger}

{The Ending screen appears.}

Fun FactsEdit


  • A pixel is one of the many tiny dots that make up the representation of a picture in a computer's memory.

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