This is a log for vandals of articles. Please note that vandalism is the purposeful defacement or movement of pages in a malicious manner. Vandalism is not the unintentional adding of incorrect content or other information due to a typographical or grammatical error, or a confused transcription or Fun Fact. To avoid confusion, such as the accidental blanking of a page or section due to an edit conflict, please preview all edits before saving them. If you realize you have, accidentally, made an edit that could be considered vandalism, or if you have noticed an edit that is vandalism, please revert the edit in the following manner. However, please note that reverting an edit maliciously is also considered trolling.

  1. Go to Special:Recentchanges to find the edit that you or someone else has made.
  2. Click on the diff link on the far left of the edit log. This will bring you to a page showing the edit made, and the edit made to that page before it.
  3. Click on the Revision as of Time link above the last non-vandal edit to bring you back to that version of the page.
  4. Click the edit tab at the very top of the page, write in the edit transcription rv. Reason for a personal or non-vandal revert or rv/v for a revert due to a vandal act, and save the edit.

If an administrator is not available during the act of vandalism, please continue to revert malicious edits quickly and efficiently. Do so as long as possible, until the vandal has appeared to stop or has been blocked. No matter how long you continue this process, try not to give up, and do not converse with the vandal at any point.

If a resting point presents itself and an administrator is not available, please transcribe the malicious edits in the following manner at the bottom of the table.

| Date || {{Vandal|Username or IP address}} || [[Page vandalized]] [diff] || Desc.
Date IP address or username Vandalized pages Description

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