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Episode 50

Pillz-E mistakens a blood pressure cuff for a Kavorkian Scarf, while Germaine is still recovering from her heart attack.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Pillz-E

Series: Creative IssuesHospital StayKavorkian ScarfDo's & Don'ts


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{Germaine is occupying a hospital bed while Pillz-E is standing next to her.}

Pillz-E: So, lady with the purple hair, how are you with the lack of dying {Pulls out a card with a crossed out skull with the word "DEATH" written underneath of it.} and the death and the needles in the eyes {holding a needle with unknown substance inside it} for recovery of fun? {A pink balloon floats up with "DON'T DIE" printed on it.}

Germaine: I'm getting better, if that's what you mean.

Pillz-E: That's good, with the getting better of avoiding death. Death is good to avoid. {holds up scythe to Germaine's neck, then pulls away}

Germaine: {nervously} Quiet.

Pillz-E: What's this here with the thing of the wearable goodness? {Pillz-E slips the blood pressure cuff around his neck.}

Germaine: It takes your blood pressure.

Pillz-E: This would be good as a medical scarf for the heating of the neck in the cold nights { holds up thermometer} of the hospital habitat for man. Maaaaaan. {Pillz-E begins to inflate the blood pressure cuff.}

Germaine: Take that off. It's not a scarf.

Pillz-E: Oh, jeeze, with the cutting off of the air to the brain. {Pillz-E's voice increasingly gets cut off by the inflating blood pressure cuff.} Medical scarf gone mad with the choking and the killing and the death of your neck, with the lack of air in your head! {makes gurgling noise}

Germaine: {Germaine sighs}

Pillz-E: {blood pressure cuff deflates} Jeeze, with the machine of death... {throws blood pressure cuff to ground in frustration and disgust} It's a Kavorkian Scarf. For when you want suicide in the head of death through suffocation of fun.

Germaine: It's not a "Kavorkian Scarf", jackass. It takes your blood pressure.

Pillz-E: I think that's a lie from your mouth. It takes your life with the stranglation of the head. Maybe I can save this for when depressants kick in.

Germaine: Nurse, nurse. Please, you know what? No more visitors.

Pillz-E: Oh, sad is the world... But I have Kavorkian Scarf... around my neck.

{The Ending screen appears.}

Fun FactsEdit

Real World ReferencesEdit

Pilz-E calling the blood pressure cup a "Kavorkian Scarf" refers to Jack Kevorkian, a doctor who helped people with fatal illnesses commit suicide. He is currently in jail for doing so, as it was passed off as "murder".

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