• (Germaine and Foamy are in a restaurant)
  • Germaine: Ouu, cool, fortune cookies!
  • Foamy: Is there money inside?
  • Germaine: It's not That kind of fortune.
  • Foamy: That's the only fortune I want.
  • Germaine: It's just a cookie with a peice of paper inside containing words of wisdom
  • Foamy: Paper?! In a cookie?! That sounds unsanitary!
  • Germaine: Just take the cookie.
  • (Foamy takes the cookie)
  • Foamy: This looks more like...a foreign cracker.
  • (Germaine reaches out and takes a cookie)
  • Germaine: Let's see. Mine says: Amazement and wonder lay before you, as seashells on a shore only to be seen by those with open eyes. Your lucky numbers are: 6, 32, 10, 17, 11, and 2.
  • Foamy: Lucky numbers?
  • Germaine: yeah, I-I guess they kind of Americanize the fortune cookie by adding lucky numbers for the compulsive lotto, and scratch-off crowd.
  • Foamy: How does a culture go from the eternal wisdom of Confucius, to lucky numbers inside a fucking cookie?!
  • Germaine: I have no idea. Wh-what does yours say?
  • Foamy: I'm not lookin' at this!
  • (Foamy throws the cookie)
  • Foamy: Fuck these cookies, and their idiotic fortunes!
  • Germaine:Why are you so pissed off all the time?
  • Foamy: Cause' I'm sick and tired of having people dumb down their thoughts and ideas, just so they can make others happy. Screw that! There's no way in hell I'm going to be subjected to half-hearted idealism's spewed out by a cookie. Learning without thought is labor lost. Thought without learning is paroles.
  • Germaine: Must you turn every outing into an angst ridding disaster?
  • Foamy: Of coarse I do. Now I ain't leaving, until I get a complementary dessert with real words of wisdom!
  • (The screen cuts out to a black screen with the words "2 HOURS LATER..." accompanied by Germaine's snoring.)
  • (We return to see Germaine face-down in a pile of fortune cookies, and Foamy reading one.)
  • Foamy: "You have just eaten. Bathroom on right." Gah! "Many man come with empty belly, but leave with $5.98 lunch special on Tuesday." Gah! "You've been here two hours. You go now." Oh come on! There has to be something worth reading here! "We give you antidote. $3.95." What, are you kidding me with this?
  • (Episode ends)

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