Foamy:Battery Low! I love technology in all its forms. However, battery power seems to be a major issue. Why can't anyone make a fucking rechargeable battery that doesn't suck ass? I hate when I'm walking around, I'm listening to some mp3 player when all of a sudden ZZRRNT! Gone! No more music for you, it's over! Now, now you gotta find some place to charge this fucking thing, just so you can hear your favorite acoustic remix version of some Led Zeppelin song that's been massacred by some dumb ass rapper. Anyway, batteries! Can't we just make a really good rechargeable AA or AAA that all technology uses? And don't give me this built-in rechargeable bullshit. What happened to the ability to replace your own battery? Once your fucking Ipod battery dies, after being recharged for the zillionth time, you're gonna have to have it serviced, which just means We'll charge you 120 bucks to replace it for you. Kinda like when your watch battery ran out. You had to go to some fucking moneygrubbing jewelry place, in some shitty neighborhood to get a 3 dollar battery for a 10 dollar watch and this clown will charge you 20 dollars this service. Annoying. And speaking of Ipods, how come the self-proclaimed revolutionary digital music player doesn't come with a power adaptor? Are they fucking kidding me? You buy an expensive device that has a built-in rechargeable battery how the fuck do you charge it?!

Brittany:Well, you can charge the battery through your computer's USB port.

Foamy:What? I have to leave my computer on for four hours to charge this thing because these fuckers couldn't put a fucking power adaptor into the fucking package! Yeah, wouldn't wanna muck up that 5th Avenue Designer Packaging with a fucking power adaptor.

Brittany:Gotta keep it nice and thin-looking so people will buy it and think it's sleek!

Foamy: Give me a fucking break! Ah! To hell with batteries! I'm goin solar, man! Solar!